These days companies and teams are becoming more widely distributed. Bookkeepers, controllers, public acoountants, bankers and tax authorities all need access to the same documents. Making documents accessible by distributed teams is the goal, but how do you get there from here?

We can assist companies to transition to 21st century document management systems including online forms that allow document images to be attached records by users. We can even assist in transitioning paper-based systems to cloud-based systems after-the-fact.

Of course you can choose to use an expensive online service like Receipt-Bank or Expensify. We think it makes more sense to build custom forms specific to your company’s needs. 

Forms can be branded and embedded in a website or simply accessible from your browser. You can restrict access to the data and attach documents to individual records. We simply charge you an hourly rate for building the forms and can make the forms and data available for any of our tax and SR&ED clients.