The regulatory environment for small businesses is increasingly complex. At the same time the pace of technological change is accelerating.

New business owners ask themselves questions like –

  1. Should I incorporate?

  2. What records do I have to keep?

  3. What online accounting software should I choose?

  4. Will it allow us to do our own bookkeeping?

  5. Who should I ask for advice?


While there’s no shortage of advice available for free online, the answer to these questions is always –


It depends!

CALIBR8.ME is a team of Philippine-based CPAs who work with local, Canadian CPAs working as mentors. With the help of your local CPA firm and our mentor, the team can provide the answers to questions like those – and our answers will relate specifically to your business.

The Truth is, for Most New Businesses the Volume of Transactions is Quite Low.


That often means we can design simple, functional systems that begin with good, record-keeping. Depending on your company’s compliance needs we can help you decide on a reporting frequency that makes sense for your business.

Often your company’s key role in bookkeeping will start – and end – with invoicing and collections. In other words, do what you do best – and let us do the bookkeeping and record keying.

We’ll make sure that your year end accounting is clean and accurate, and provides the kind of year end working papers that your local CPA/Tax firm will really appreciate.

We can help you decide on a reporting frequency that makes sense for your business.

We can quickly check in with you monthly, quarterly or semi-annually to make sure things are on track. Or, we can work with you to pull together monthly or quarterly financials, in case your bank or investors need regular updates.

Others  would like you to pay for services monthly, even if they’re really only doing work for you once a year.